“Effective” – Do the right things. 

Strategic Planning -
We aid organizations in the development of strategic plans in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance, specific agency guidance, and strategic planning best practices. 
Compliance - We support companies in ensuring DCAA compliance, developing DCAA forward pricing rates, reviewing contractor procurement systems, administering contracts and subcontracts, developing GSA Schedule proposals, and preparing for GSA and DCAA audits. 
Decision Support - We aid leaders in making effective decisions through advanced analyses, decision-making tools and techniques, and advanced technology insertion.

Administrative Support - We provide day-to-day office administrative services, such as billing and recordkeeping, human resources, physical distribution, logistics, and clerical services, including letter drafting, document editing and proofreading, typing, word processing, desktop publishing, stenography, transcription, answering telephone calls and relaying messages, postal and mailing services, and other support services. 
Financial Management – We provide a full range of financial management support services, including budgeting, accounting, financial controls, and financial analysis. 
Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) - We provide high-level support to U.S. Government CIOs. This includes identifying business needs, translating business needs into requirements, developing OMB 300s and supporting documentation, prioritizing IT requirements, developing and managing governance processes, IT business process improvement, and strategic IT planning. 
Portfolio Management – We help our clients gain control of their IT projects and deliver meaningful value to the business. Portfolio management takes a holistic view of a company’s overall IT strategy by matching projects with strategic objectives and managing them to deliver their intended benefits on time, on budget, and with quality. 
Information Technology – We provide an array of IT services included software and systems development, IT support, information security, and project management. 
Enterprise Architecture - We provide enterprise architecture support to U.S. Government agencies and have expertise in implementing the Federal Segment Architecture Methodology (FSAM), a step-by-step process for developing and using segment architectures that was developed by distilling proven best practices from across Federal agencies. 
Program and Project Management – We define, generate, integrate, and execute the programmatic and technical plans, analyses, reports, and baseline documentation needed to accelerate progress through acquisition life-cycle phases. We will help develop and execute the overall acquisition strategy through concept development, requirements definition and analysis, technology readiness assessment, contracting, systems engineering, test evaluation, and sustainment activities in accordance with milestone information requirements, decision authority criteria, and contracting options and procedures. 
Acquisition and Contract Support – We support acquisitions from planning through contract closeout. We define, generate, and maintain the programmatic and technical plans, analyses, reports, and baseline documentation needed to support concept development, demonstrate technological feasibility, and initiate systems development activities in accordance with milestone information requirements, decision authority criteria, and contracting options and procedures. We assist in Statement of Work development, records management, evaluation planning, facilitation, and documentation, price/cost analysis, contract administration and closeout support. 
Proposal Management and Support - We provide the full breadth of proposal support to companies seeking Federal government contracts, including proposal management, technical writing, contract analysis, and estimating.

“Enduring” – Build lasting results.

Risk Management – We any employees have extensive experience conducting risk assessments across a wide range of technologies, operational missions, facilities, and activities. Risk assessments provide decision makers a realistic evaluation of the risk that allows them to focus on those areas having the great impact. 
Information Assurance and Security - We protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, and non-repudiation. 
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - We support contingency planning by developing, maintaining, and exercising plans covering readiness, logistics, and emergency preparedness.

 “Efficient” – Do the right things well.

Business Transformation/Business Process Improvement –
We conduct BPI using a systematic approach to optimize underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. 
Organizational Change Management – We provide advice and counsel to senior leadership to effectively implement change initiatives and transform organizations. 
Performance Management - We support organizations in the development of performance measures and metrics that align with strategic plans and drive desired results.